OCWC Las Vegas 2017 Qualifier: Day 1 Update – Lucky_n00b, steponz, bboyjezz and dognaOCer Qualify

The first day of the HWBOT World Tour is now behind us, as is Day 1 of the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier – Las Vegas 2017. The first day of the OCWC Qualifier took place at the GIGABYTE Suites in the Caesars Palace Casino. Day 1 involved eight Overclockers fighting it out on three benchmarks using the newly launched ‘Kaby Lake’ architecture Intel Core i7 7700K processors. Contest partners GIGABYTE also provided the latest GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming SOC motherboards.

Of the eight competing Overlockers, the top four on the leaderboard will progress to Day 2. Day 2 will involve 1v1 semi-finals, plus a Bronze Final and a Grand Final. The top prize of course is a ticket to the Overclocking World Championship Final at the end of the year.

Stage 1 of the contest involved benching the classic SuperPi 32M benchmark. Indonesia’s Lucky-N00b took top spot with a run of just 5min 19sec 722ms. This was done by pushing a Core i7 7700K to a tasty 6,200MHz (+47.62%). In second place we find US legend FUGGER who made a run of 5min 31sec 270ms while third place went to fellow American steponz with a run of 5mins 34sec 677ms.

In Stage 2 we again find Lucky_n00b setting the pace, this time with a Cinebench R15 score that is some way ahead of the pack at 1,305 cb points. This time he configured his Kaby Lake chip to a slightly less aggressive 5,700MHz (+35.71%). In second place we have steponz with 1,298 cb points while in third Japans’s dognaOCer close behind on 1,297.

Stage 3 was all about tweaking systems to get the highest score in the 3DMark Physics benchmark. This time we find another Indonesian at the helm with bboyjezz scoring 15,383 points. His compatriot Lucky_n00b was hot on his heels with a score of 15,175 points while dognaOCer made third place with a score of 14,941 points.

At the end of Day 1 we find that Lucky_n00b has pretty much dominated the opposition, taking first place with a score of 28 points. Steponz arrives in second on 19 points, bboyjezz makes third place while dognaOCer beats pressure from FUGGER to finish in fourth place. We look forward to seeing these four guys compete in the 1v1 matches tomorrow afternoon.

Don’t forget you can check out all the scoring in more detail by visiting the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier Las Vegas 2017 contest page here on OC-ESPORTS.

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