Websmile Named HWBOT Moderator of 2016

HWBOT as an entity is reliant on several dedicated individuals who actually make some pretty serious sacrifices in terms of time and energy. The moderation team is in fact probably the best example of this. HWBOT moderators do an almost limitless amount of work behind the scenes to ensure that the hardware and submission database is kept in tip top condition. In many regards it’s a mostly thankless task, kind of like painting the Golden Gate Bridge – by the time it’s done, it’s about time to start again. Today we want to give an official mention to those who have served the community in the most emphatic manner possible.

In terms of database moderations, 2016 saw a total of 14,684 submission moderation actions taking place (up from 13,198 moderations last year). This implies that an average of 40.23 moderation actions are happening each day. Here’s the list of moderation actions per moderator:

  • - leeghoofd (Belgium)– 4,168
  • - Strunkenbold (Germany) – 3,801
  • - Christian Ney (Switzerland) – 3,559
  • - websmile (Germany) – 1,829
  • - Sweet (Argentina) - 655
  • - Massman (Belgium) - 583
  • - GENiEBEN (UK) - 54
  • - der8auer (Germany) - 24
  • - Don_Dan (Germany) - 7
  • - Antinomy (Russia) - 2
  • - NeoForce (Russia) - 2

A hearty New Year thank you to all those mentioned above. Your work and dedication to Overclocking is truly appreciated. Despite not being involved in the most moderation actions (an honor belongs to the tireless leeghoofd), we’d like to name websmile the 'Moderator of HWBOT 2016'. Behind the scenes, organizing and moderating competitions as well as the forum and so much more, our buddy Michael has been a linchpin in so many areas of our work. Salutations to you sir!


Taiwan sdougal says:

Hats off to websmile!

TaPaKaH says:

Christian Ney not topping the moderator ranks? Did you let him escape and actually have a life? :D

Canada marc0053 says:

Congrats websmile! Had a chance to meet in Berlin at the worldtour finals! Awesome guy, well deserved!!

Germany aerotracks says:

Congrats Michael and thanks to all the staff!

websmile says:

Hwbot is a team effort, without the work of Gregor for database for example, Albrecht for rookies, novices, Christian on rules and moderating and Pieter for organizing and marketing nothing would work, plus the other guys who also contribute a lot, I cannot mention them all. For me there is no mod of the year, as a team we did a decent job and hope to keep this up plus some improvement where needed. Thanks for kind words nontheless :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Websmile, hail to the king!!

United States Mr.Scott says:

WTG Michael :)

United States Strong Island says:

amazing job websmile, leeghoofd, strunkenbold, christian, massman and the whole staff. Must be a ton of work. Websmile is everywhere, every time someone has a question he is there, plus I am sure there is a lot we dont even see or hear about. Thanks guys.

United States MR. Horse says:

Nice work websmile, You certainly one of the better mods on the internet.

Australia ozzie says:

well deserved michael, and all the rest of you team as well, must be extremely frustrating for you all at times, a thankyou to let you know you guys arent forgotten for your tireless efforts to keep the show on the road for all to enjoy !!!

Christian Ney says:

The only ranking I can top and I didn't top it... Time to retire. Good job minions :D

Romania BoTSkill says:

Well done Michael! :)

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