OC World Records and Global 1st Places: Christmas Update

While many of us were happily munching on turkey and swigging down flagons of mulled wine this week, a few HWBOT members used the holiday season to do some proper Extreme Overclocking. Here is a roundup of what has been happening on HWBOT during the Christmas week so far.

Firstly let’s start with k|ngp|n who submitted one of two World Records that happened this week. He managed a World Record breaking score of 107,889 marks in Catzilla 720p. This was achieved with a pair of Pascal Titan X cards pushed to 2,354MHz, a hefty +66.13% points beyond stock settings. The GPUs were joined by a Core i7 6950X clocked at 5,201MHz (+73.37%).

Vince’s World Record was joined by three Global 1st Place ranked scores. Using the same dual Titan X Pascal cards he managed to score 52,339 marks in Catzilla 1440p, 42,092 marks in 3DMark Fire Strike and 29,338 marks in Fire Strike Extreme – all three are Global 1st Places for 2x GPUs and Hardware 1st Places for 2x Titan X Pascals.

Another Overclocker busy enjoying his Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards over the holiday period was veteran Aussie bob(nz). In 3DMark Time Spy he scored 11,843 marks using a single Titan X Pascal card clocked at 2,138MHz (+50.88%), plus a Core i7 6950X clocked at 5,208MHz (+73.60%). That’s a Hardware 1st Place ranked score, and the 2nd highest ever in 3DMark Time Spy using one GPU.

Armed with two Pascal GP102 GPUs (featured in the pic on the left) he managed a 3DMark Time Spy score of 20,512 marks, this time with GPUs clocked at 2,100MHz (+48.20%). It’s interesting to note that in 3DMark Fire Strike and 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme he has also been busy this week, currently holding both 2nd Place rankings. Clearly he has k|ngp|n in his sights.

Finally in 2D Overclocking we have Romania’s Alex@ro who has been pushing his Core i7 6700K to its limits this week. In Geek Bench 3 (Single Core) he now holds the World Record with a score of 7,533 points. This was done with his Skylake chip clocked at 6,767MHz (+69.18%). In HWBOT Prime he now holds the 4x CPU 1st Place ranking with a score of 8385.58 pps. For this score he managed to squeeze a little extra from his i7 6700K, pushing it to 6,800MHz (+70.00%).

That’s it for now in terms of record breaking scores on HWBOT. See you all next year!

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