Open Benchtable Gets a New Paint Job, with Plasti Dip Rubber Coating

The Open Benchtable was developed to inspire the creative juices of Overclockers, enthusiasts and anyone who needs a light portable Benchtable solution. We've recently seen custom developed brackets and PSU adapters, but today we came across a new customization job involving the product's finish. The finish on the product has been popular with most users - first it’s sandblasted to remove blemishes and give it a smooth grainy feel, then it’s anodized to create the final silver color and also make it more scratch proof. Regardless of the efforts to make it look good, the finish is apparently not to everybody’s preference. HWBOT member Uing07 preferred to give his Open Benchtable a custom paint job, and frankly the results look pretty stunning.

Firstly the choice of paint is actually rather interesting. Uing07 opted to go for Plasti Dip paint. In fact it’s more of a coating than an actual brand of paint. According the manufacture it’s an air-dry, multi-purpose rubber coating. It’s often used in automotive customization and can be used around the house too, to insulate objects and make them non slip. Uing07 used four colors of Plasti Dip for his OBT customization process; Matte Black, Gunmetal Gray, Metallic Silver and Clear.

He starts the coating process with four or five layers of matte black. After this he applies a coating of Gun Metal Gray which he follows up with by covering the table with a thatched draw cover. This allows him to use the Metallic Silver to create a pretty cool looking square-pattern finish. Finally, a Clear layer is added to make it all that bit more durable.

You can find lots more pictures and information about the Uing07 custom Plasti Dip process here on this HWBOT forum thread. Plus a blog post on the OBT website here.

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