Hardware Asylum Roundup: GIGABYTE GA-7DXR, Winter Overclocking and 30 Top Games to Play at Christmas

Dennis Garcia recently published a short piece revisiting a classic old Socket A motherboard. It’s actually a regular Throwback Thursday article similar to what we do each week. He has plenty of happy memories about the GA-7DXR motherboard and has plenty to say on subject of PCB color among other things.

“For this edition of Throwback Thursday I've decided to go back to a time when Gigabyte motherboards were actually blue. Believe it or not but before black was the PCB color of choice there was a land rush to brand products based on PCB color. Gigabyte choose Blue, Soltek was all over the place but really Red, DFI did Red and Black boards and Asus did baby sh1t brown.”

Another short article also popped up yesterday. It deals with the issues involved in with overclocking in Winter – especially for those us who happen to live in the high deserts of Idaho. Turns Dennis is not so used to dealing with the issue of frosty build-up due the area’s relatively low humidity levels.

Finally we come to the Hardware Asylum Podcast. The latest edition centers around an article that was published in the Verge. It’s basically a list of 30 games we should try this Christmas. Dennis is joined by Darren McCain to assess which games are worth playing and which are pure hype. A great listen as ever. You can find the podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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