[Video] Crit TV Cover GALAX GOC 2016

The GALAX GOC 2016 contest was pretty much the last major Overclocking event of 2016. The twelve overclockers that made it through the initial online qualification phase were flown out by GALAX to Wuhan China for two days of solid, competitive overclocking. Lucky for us Crit TV (formally tek syndicate) were on point to record a shoot a video that gives a great overview of everything that was going on over the course of the two-day event.

In truth GALAX put on a one hell of a show. As well as Overclocking, the company did absolute everything to make the event as big as possible. Hosted in an arena, the overclockers were front and center sharing the stage with pro gamers, cosplay dancers and more as GALAX put on a genuinely massive show. Crit TV’s Logan does a great job of covering the overclocking action while actually pitching it to a pretty mainstream audience level. He interviews several of the Overclockers including chats with Dancop, Vivi, eventual winner Lucky_n00b and others. He discusses the specific details related to the challenges of Overclocking GTX 1060 cards, specifically how to get the maximum performance from the graphics memory as well as the GPU itself.

You can check out the video from Logan and the guys from Crit TV here on their YouTube channel.

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