Thowback Thursday: HWBOT Tales of Taipei #4 - A look at Overclocking Competitions

Seeing as today is a Thursday, it’s time to take a walk down memory lane to specific December day from the past. This time around we are treated to the fourth installment of the HWBOT 'Tales of Taipei' series, created and published by our very own Massman. Published back in 2012, the post on HWBOT actually featured a great video produced by Xyala at OverClocking-TV. It offers a great perspective on one of the most memorable overclocking competitions to ever take place here in Taipei; the MOA 2012 Finals.

Back in 2012 the HWBOT crew was in fact reasonably new to Taipei and the Hardware industry that resides there, and arguably so were many of the combatants that took part in the contest. The video offers a great intro to Overclocking as a whole, the emergence of industry-sponsored extreme competitions and of course, the MOA 2012 Final contest itself. Here’s the intro from the original post back on December 2nd 2012 which kind of explains the origin of the piece:

“Back in September, Timothée (Xyala) from Overclocking-TV was in Taiwan for a couple of weeks to cover the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2012 Grand Final as well as prepare his move to Australia. In between the Grand Final and Xyala boarding the plane to Down Under, we worked on a short documentary on Extreme Overclocking competitions. Enjoy!”

You can catch the full video from OC-TV here on their YouTube Channel, as well as the original post from December 2012 on HWBOT here.

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