Vivi (South Africa) Breaks 3GHz GPU Barrier with GALAX GTX 1060 HoF

It’s common knowledge that Nvidia’s latest Pascal architecture is capable of some truly high clocks. It’s a fact that has now been underlined by some great work last weekend by South African maestro Vivi who managed to push a GTX 1060 card past the mythical 3GHz barrier to hit a massive GPU clock of 3,012MHz.

The configuration was recorded in a GPUPI 1B submission that happened during the GALAX GOC 2016 event in Wuhan, China last weekend. Vivi posted a GPUPI score of 22sec 60ms using a GALAX GTX 1060 Hall of Fame card with the Nvidia Pascal GP106 graphics chip cranked up to 3,012MHz, an impressive +114.53% beyond stock settings. Other rig details include a Core i7 6590X clocked at 5,008MHz (+39.11%). On the submission page Vivi also gives credit to fellow GALAX GOC combatants Rsannino, Bob(nz), DrWeez.

Although there are no official GPU frequency rankings (as we have for CPUs), the score arguably represents a milestone and a reference point for GPU architecture design – yet another marker in the sands of time, placed by an overclocker. You can find the GPU PI 1B submission here, as well as the GTX 1060 GPU PI 1B rankings here.

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