Overclock.net Claim 8th Consecutive Win in Novice Nimble #12

The twelfth and final Novice Nimble contest of 2016 came to a close a few days ago on OC-ESPORTS. For the eighth consecutive time we find Overclock.net at the top of the table with another dominant display that again consists of five straight stage wins and a maximum 250 points. In second place we find Cowcotland with 200 points while the /r/overclocking team arrive in 145 points. Let’s take a look at the scoring, the overclockers involved and the eventual standings in the Novice Nimble #12.

Novice Nimble #12: October 22nd - December 10 2016

Stage 1: Cinebench R15 (Intel)

The stage revolves around using any Intel CPU with the Cinebench R15 benchmark, a place where we find the Overclock.net team in full effect. The biggest scorer of the three contributors for the team was from bigblock990 who used a Core i7 5960X pushed to 4,862MHz (+62.07%) to reach a score of 1971 cb points in Cinebench R15. Other contributions came from Johnd0e who pushed a Core i7 5820K to 4,500MHz to earn 1359 cb points. American WiLLius used a Core i7 6700K clocked at 5,070.8MHz to score 1134 bc points.

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