Lucky_n00b (Indonesia) Wins GALAX GOC 2016 Final

A weekend of extreme competitive overclocking just came to a close in Wuhan China as the GALAX GOC 2016 Final reached its conclusion. The winner of the Grand Final was Indonesia’s Lucky_n00b who wins the contest with a total of 184 points, just ahead of South Africa’s Vivi with 182 points and Germany’s Dancop with 174 points. Let’s take a look at the scoring for each of the four stages from Day 1 in a little more detail as well as the World Records and Hardware 1st Places chalked up on Day two of the contest.

Day 1: December 17th - GOC Grand Final

Running from October 7th to the 10th of November of this year, an online qualification contest attracted 25 of the world’s top overclockers. The top twelve overclockers of that contest were then invited to compete in the Final in Wuhan, the capital city of Central China’s Hubei province. The Final took place over two days, with Day 1 branded the GOC Grand Final were all twelve overlockers went head to head to decide who would be this year’s GOC Champion. Day 2 was all about breaking records with cash prizes on offer for World Records and Top Hardware scores:

In Stage 1 we find the current World No.1 Dancop in pole position, showing off his skills at pushing out every ounce of performance to come first in 3DMark11 Physics. His score of 18,508 points was made using a Broadwell-E Core i7 6850X processor pushed to 4,804MHz (+33.44%). The score was doubtlessly also influenced by some tight memory timings on GALAX Hall of Fame DDR4 kit. In fact this score was a hardware first place for a Core i7 6850X and the second best for a six core processor overall.

Read the full and detailed GALAX GOC 2016 roundup article here on the OC-ESPORTS website.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Great work Alva!

United Kingdom gavbon says:

He's the star of Indonesia :D

Spain ChentinoX says:

Congrats Lucky_n00b , you deserve it :)

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

Congratulations :)

United States Strong Island says:

gavbon said: He's the star of Indonesia :D

he is the star of oc, haha

Brazil joe90br says:


United Kingdom gavbon says:

Strong Island said: he is the star of oc, haha

I didn't want to give him a big head or anything :D

Canada marc0053 says:

Great job Alva!! Well done

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Let his smile rule the world!!!

Greece OGS says:

well deserved to say the least :)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Congrats :)

United States Strong Island says:

gavbon said: I didn't want to give him a big head or anything :D

haha, ya. What he has been doing lately with the wild card and goc is pretty amazing.

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Thanks for the kind words guys :)

Was not expecting the 1st place to be honest, the competition was pretty brutal from the qualifier all the way to the finals. Really scary to see that some score difference per position in some of the benchmarks was less than 1%.

I was lucky to win the Geekbench stage that gives me some point headroom despite my average-ish 3D stage, need to learn more 3D for next GOC haha^^

See you guys in the other competitions, keep pushing it ;)

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