Der8auer Sets New Highest CPU Frequencies For Core i7 6950X and Core i7 6700K

Germany’s Der8auer, known to many on the overclocking scene as Roman, has clearly had a busy and fruitful weekend. He managed to set new Hardware 1st Place rankings for both Z170 and X99 platforms, pushing both a Core i7 6700K and Core i7 6950X to the highest ever CPU frequencies. Not bad going at all.

The new highest CPU frequency for a Skylake-based Intel Core i7 6700K processor now stands at 7056.7MHz, which is just ahead of the next highest score from ChiKui Lam (Hong Kong) on 7025.66MHz. The new record frequency for his chip is +76.42% beyond factory default settings and was achieved using an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard. In his notes he mentions just ‘last hurrah :)’. Wonder he means?

On Sunday Roman moved on to the Intel X99 platform, pushing a Core i7 6950X to new heights. The new record frequency for this chip now stands at 5,805.88MHz, a frequency which is an incredible +93.53% beyond stock. The frequency beats the next best which comes from zeropluszero (Australia) who managed an overclock of 5,745MHz. In terms of motherboard Roman used an ASUS Rampage Edition 10.

You can find the new highest Core i7 6700K frequency submission here, plus Roman’s Core i7 6950X score submission here. You can also check out this article from the ROG website here which promotes the new scores also.

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