Nik (Germany) Wins ROG OC Showdown 2016 - Formula Series Round 2, Wins Series

The second round of the ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula Series came to a close week or so ago. German Enthusiast overclocker Nik again showed some real talent to win the Round, building on his success in Round 1 to become series champion. Nick wins Round 2 with total of 45 points, with French overclocker Ziken in second place with 44 points and Indonesia’s Ivan Cupa arriving in third with 41 points. Let’s take a peek at scores and standings at the end of the contest in a little more detail.

Formula Series Round 1: October 28th - November 28th

The ROG OC Showdown 2016 Formula Series is a contest setup to entice overclockers that use ambient cooling push their systems to the limit. The contest was open to overclockers from the Rookie, Novice and Enthusiast leagues. Processor temperatures were limited to 30°C or above (XTU load temp must be higher than 60°C). The only other hardware limitations involved dictated that overclockers must use an ASUS motherboard and that only currently available consumer hardware be used (i.e. no engineering samples or server chips allowed).

In Round 2 some great prizes were lined up thanks to partners ROG, Seasonic, Thermal Grizzly, CaseKing and The Open Benchtable project. A top prize of a next-generation ROG motherboard was also available for the overall series winners.

You can read the full and detailed roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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