Meet the HWBOT World Championship Finalists: Xtreme Addict (Poland)

Today we bring you the penultimate edition of the ‘Meet the Finalists’ series, looking at each of the overclockers who will go head to head in the World Championship Finals on Sunday. Today we consider the case for Xtreme Addict from Poland, the current world No.2 on HWBOT.

In live, competitive Overclocking circles the name Xtreme Addict will echo through the ages. That might sound like an exaggerated statement but if you look down the list of honors for last five or six years, it’s clear that XA has been one of the scene’s most prolific overclockers in that period. In terms of wins alone we can point to MOA EMEA 2012, AOOC 2012, HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES and Computex 2014 plus the Intel OC Challenge Computex 2014 and HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2015. Let’s just say this guy is a true competitor in every sense.

Perhaps the contest that is most relevant to us right now is the one that allows Xtreme Addict, also known as Michal Vobozil, to compete in Berlin at the weekend. The win of course came at a familiar stomping ground for XA, attending the HWBOT World Tour Asia stop at Computex earlier this year. The event proved to be one of the big success stories of the year with dozens of top class overclockers competing side by side for the duration of the week.

On the last day of the event we were treated to the Semis and Final. Xtreme Addict faced the one overclocker who sits (ever so slightly) above him in the world rankings. The Dancop v Xtreme Addict semi final was a tense affair revolving around 3DMark Vantage. XA managed to push his chip by an additional 100MHz which resulted in a score of 82,589 marks, compared to Dancop who could only muster 81,219 marks.

In the Final XA was pitted against Indonesia’s Hazzan. Overclockers were bound by contest rules to use the same board that they qualified with; Hazzan would be using an MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon motherboard while Xtreme Addict was armed a GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion motherboard. The Wprime 1024 benchmark was eventually chosen after both vetos were utilized. After a string of BSODs, with just a few minutes left, Xtreme Addict made a run in just 49sec 657ms, a score that Hazzan could not better despite an enormous effort.

Xtreme Addict will be in Berlin right now, honing his chops using a GIGABYTE motherboard and Zadack511 memory. To discount him as a genuine challenger would be pure folly, as he is quite simply one of the most feared live contest overclockers in the world.

If you fancy Xtreme Addict to be the World Champion 2016, remember that you can select him for the ‘Predict and Win’ contest on our Facebook page. You can also catch up on his qualification experience here.

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