[Video] DrWeez’s Last Prep Before World Championship Finals

DrWeez has just published a live stream that shows his last preparation session, literally before he gets on a plane to Berlin for the World Championship Finals. The Doc discusses some of the idiosyncratic issues he is facing in terms of hardware, including the behavior of the MSI motherboard that he will be using in Berlin. It’s just four days until the Finals kick off and being a solid pro, Andrew gives us a rundown of the final testing and prepping that he considers essential to have chance of winning.

Andrew qualified for the contest at rAge Cape Town back in March, and did so using an MSI board. Contest rules dictate that he must therefore use an MSI board in the Finals. The board of choice is an MSI Z170 XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition. It’s great board but it does have its issues, one of which is a cold boot bug at around -135 degrees C, plus a cold bug at -165 degrees, issues that will make competing with the world’s best overclockers even more of a challenge.

Andrew will take two motherboards with him to Germany, both of which have a quick test before leaving, just to make sure they 100% survived the last benching session. Once tested, it’s gets packed back into its original box which should keep it in good condition on the trip to Europe. As well as giving his hardware a last final check and revealing his personal travel inventory in terms of tools and equipment, Andrew also takes time to answer questions from followers of his live stream.

Check out the video from DrWeez here on his YouTube channel.

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