Meet the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finalists: pxhx (Brazil)

Of the seven Overclockers who have qualified for the World Championship 2016 Finals, PXHX from Brazil is without doubt the most seasoned campaigner. pxhx is an Extreme Overclocker who signed up as a HWBOT member way back in February 2007, a fact that makes him very much an elder statesman of sorts in terms of overclocking, and the most senior combatant in Berlin next weekend.

Known to many simply as Paulo, pxhx of course qualified for the World Championship 2016 Finals back in February of this year when the HWBOT World Tour rolled in town during the Campus Party in Sao Paulo. After the initial qualification round where Paulo arrived in second place, we were treated to a Semi-Final battle between pxhx and NoMS. After dispatching NoMS with a Memory Clock score of 1,663.6MHz, Paulo went on to the Final where he beat acschenck with a Wprime run of 4.056 seconds.

Paulo is currently ranked 4th in Brazil, good going in a country which sports 4,947 HWBOT members in total. He is also a team captain of the OverBR Team. In Berlin he will be the only representative of Latin America. It’s also interesting to note that despite a fairly long Overclocking career this will be most certainly be the biggest live overclocking contest that Paulo has ever attended. Having qualified for the Final using a GIGABYE motherboard and HyperX memory, these are what he will use in the Final.

You can read more about Paulo’s qualification experience here on an article that covers the World Series 2016 Latin America Final in more detail.

Don’t forget that if you fancy pxhx as the eventual World Champion of 2016, go ahead and select him in the Predict and Win contest on our Facebook page. You might just win a Core i7 6950X processor.

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