Hardware Asylum Podcast #69b: Battlefield 1 Review and Gameplay Impressions

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The latest edition of the Hardware Asylum Podcast is now available, covering the topic of DICE overclocking in the context of an overclocking workshop put together by host Dennis Garcia. Check it out:

Show Notes

Back in September there was a video version of the Hardware Asylum Podcast where Dennis sat down in front of the Battlefield 1 Beta cold to get his impressions of the game. The final Battlefield 1 has been released and in this episode Darren gives us his impressions and review of the game including the player classes, gametypes and game dynamics. For those of you on the fence on if you want to buy Battlefield 1 this podcast might help you make that decision and for everyone else please enjoy our review of Battlefield 1 from EA.

Listen to the full podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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