The OC Show – S03E14: HWBOT World Championship, VR Everywhere, Steam Survey

The latest edition of the OC Show from OverClockingTV is now available. In Episode 14 of Season 3 hosts Trouffman and Xyala are joined by Canada’s No.1 overclocker marc0053. The show begins with Marc introducing the Radeon 4000 Armageddon, a contest hosted on which is centered on overclocking older Radeon 4000 series cards that are cheap and utterly burnable when benching with Furmark. Xyala also introduces the topic of the Xiaomi Mix smartphone, discussing its relatively revolutionary design. Trouffman also introduces the Northern Arena, the biggest gaming competition in Canada, which held its final event of the year in Montreal last weekend.

Xyala also introduces a HWBOT X event that took place the previous weekend in St. Benoit in France. The FFOC (French Federation of Overclockers) held a workshop at the Gamers Assembly Halloween Edition Lan event were attendees were given the chance to learn how to build and overclock a PC. There was also a simple OC contest with prizes for the winners.

In terms of contest on OC-ESPORTS this time of year typically has fewer contest happening, however Novice Nimble and Rookie Rumble contest continue to attract overclockers. In the HWBOT Team Cup France currently have the lead, while in the ROG Showdown German overclocker Nik leads the way. One of the other topics of discussion is the possibility of Indonesia’s No.1 overclocker Hazzan retiring from the world of overclocking entirely. Hazzan already has his ticket to the World Championship final in Berlin (plus his visa) so it would be hugely disappointing if he didn’t compete. The fact that the World Championship 2016 Finals are just two weeks away also proves to be a hot topic of discussion.

The guys also turn to the subject of the October release of the Steam Survey which offers a snapshot of what hardware PC gamers on Steam are using. The topic of gaming and hardware segues nicely into the topic of VR and current state of the VR headset market.

You can catch the OC Show S03-E14 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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