[Video] Marc0053 Preps Maximus VIII Extreme for World Championship Finals

Yesterday we brought you news of how DrWeez is currently honing his overclocking skills ahead of the HWBOT World Championship in Berlin in a week or so from now. The talented South African is not the only contender for the title of HWBOT World Champion 2016. Among the eight combatants we will also find Canadian marc0053 who qualified for the contest having won the HWBOT World Tour stop in North America at LanETS. Today we are sharing a video from Marc in which he shares his efforts to be as prepared as possible for the big event next month.

One of the rules of the World Championship Finals is that contestants must use the same motherboard brand that was used during the World Tour event in which they qualified. At LanETS Marc used an ASUS motherboard, so in the Final he will also use an ASUS motherboard. In preparation for the contest Marc has selected two Z170 boards that will the subject of much scrutiny and testing in the next week or so. He has an ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme, a full ATX board with every feature ASUS could cram onto it, plus an ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Impact a Mini-ITX board.

Marc explains that the Impact board offers fantastic memory overclocking among other things due to the fact that the memory DIMM slots are closer to the CPU and there are only two of them. Marc plans to use the Impact as his primary board with the Extreme as back up, not least because many of the benchmarks selected for the Final are memory dependant.In the video Marc prepares his boards for sub-zero overclocking with LN2. Each and every overclocker pretty much has a unique methodology when it comes to board insulation. It seems no two techniques are the same. Marc’s approach starts with the removal of the heatsinks, followed by a coating liquid electrical tape,as substance that takes longer to apply but once it thoroughly dries out it turns out to be much more reliable than Vaseline or other alternatives. Marc also shares his views on using eraser among other things.

Watch the full video of marc0053 preparing for the Final here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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