K|ngp|n Takes Down Five Global 1st Places, Slips into Fourth in HWBOT Rankings

Earlier this month we noted how K|ngp|n was using his Nvidia Titan X Pascal card to claim both single GPU Global 1st Places in Catzilla 1440p and 720p. Some good work at the end of last week followed by some more just yesterday sees him follow that up with a three x2 GPU Global 1st Places plus some good work with GPUPI – 1B. All of which has boosted K|ngp|n into fourth place in the overall rankings.

Last Friday K|ngp|n, known to many of us simply as Vince, used a pair of Titan X Pascal cards to claim the fastest ever score in Catzilla 1440p with two GPUs. The score of 51,221 marks was made with both Pascal GPUs pushed to 2,325MHz, a massive +64% beyond stock settings, with graphics memory tuned to 1,470MHz (+17.6%). The CPU used was not surprisingly a deca-core i7 6950X pushed 5,202MHz, an incredible +73.4% beyond its default settings. In terms of memory a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit was used configured at 1,632MHz (CL13.0 13-13-28).

The same session presumably also saw Vince take the 2x GPU Global1st Place in 3DMark11 Performance with a score of 54,486 marks. this time the GPU was set at 2,300MHz (+62.3%) and the CPU at 5,147MHz (+71.57%). This was followed up with a 3Dmark Vantage run that also beat the previous best for a dual GPU setup. A score of 117,923 marks was achieved with GPUs at 2,354MHz (+66.13%) and the Broadwell-E CPU at 5,147MHz (+71.57%).

On Monday however K|ngp|n turned his attention to GPUPI 1B. Using a single Pascal card he managed a run of just 8sec 987ms, a new Global 1st Place for a single GPU edging out the next best from Switzerland’s raccoon on 9sec 108ms. The score was made with the highest GPU clock yet as Vince pushed it to 2,632MHz (+85.74%). Adding a second card allowed Vince to get the GPUPI 1B score down to 5sec 52ms, ahead of SlinkyPC on 5sec 271ms. The run was made with GPUs at 2,300MHz (+62.31%) and the CPU at 4,600MHz (+53.33%).

The points that K|ngp|n has earned means that he now sits in fourth place in overall global rankings on HWBOT. You can check out the full HWBOT rankings here. Nice work Vince!

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