[HWBOT X] OC School and Contest at Mollerussa, Catalonia Spain

The guys at HWBOT X have just published a blog post covering a recent OC School that was held in Mollerussa Spain last weekend. The event was held during the Mollerussa LAN Partyand included both a workshop where newbies were shown the basics of overclocking, plus a simple contest where they got to compete head to head.

Following up on the success of recent HWBOT X events in Bilbao and Valencia earlier this year, ChentinoX organized a third overclocking event in Mollerussa, a town in the province of Lleida in the Catalonia region of Spain. The event was held on November 12 during the Mollerussa LAN PARTY, one of the region’s biggest LAN parties. The event was sponsored by PC component retailer Ibertronica, with motherboards contributed by GIGABYTE plus support from memory vendor Avexir and power supply manufacturer Antec.

As with previous events, HWBOT X Mollerussa offered gamers and enthusiasts in attendance a thirty minute presentation where ChentinoX introduced the concept of overclocking. This was followed up with an overclocking class were attendees were shown how overclocking works, demonstrating the basic skills needed to push a system’s performance.

Read the full blog article on the HWBOT X site here.

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