Hardware Asylum Podcast #69a: DICE Overclocking at the BoiseLAN 4.0

The latest edition of the Hardware Asylum Podcast is now available, covering the topic of DICE overclocking in the context of an overclocking workshop put together by host Dennis Garcia. Check it out:

In this episode Dennis talks about his attempt to host an Overclocking workshop at the BoiseLAN 4.0. The workshop wasn’t intended to be a how-to but an informational session to explain the relationship of Voltage, Frequency and Temperature when it comes to overclocking. The hardware he picked was something any gamer would have access to with some rather entertaining benchmarks to hold the interest of everyone at the LAN Party.

Thing is, despite all of the preparation Dennis put into making sure the workshop went off without a hitch there were issues with the motherboard and processor . So while the workshop never happened there was 20 pounds of Dry Ice that had to be used and Devils Canyon came to the rescue.

Listen to the full podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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