RealBench Challenge IV Kicks Off November 25, Goes ‘All Out’

The final act of the RealBench Challenge series is just days away with Challenge IV kicking off on November 25th on OC-ESPORTS. The final Challenge in fact removes any limitations regarding what processor you can use and what you can do with it - being what we commonly refer to as ‘All Out’.

Realbench Challenge IV: Nov 25 – Dec 5

Sponsored by ASUS, the contest is centered on the ASUS RealBench benchmark and is open to HWBOT members from all leagues. However in order to make it more interesting to non-extreme overclockers, hardware cooling is restricted to non-extreme methods. In fact CPUs must be shown to be over 20 degrees Celsius at idle (using the HWMonitor application).

One unique feature of the RealBench Challenge series is that each Challenge in the series featured a slightly different set of rules or restrictions. Challenge I restricted combatants to 4 cores, Challenge II limited core speeds to 4,200MHz and Challenge III limited scoring to just two active cores. Challenge IV however imposes no such restrictions, imploring overclockers to go all out in search of a win on any processor platform or model including socket 2011-3 chips.

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