[PAX Australia 2016] TeamAU Conduct Overclocking Discussion Panel

Here’s yet another video that has surfaced from the PAX Australia 2016 event in Melbourne the weekend before last. This time the video covers the guys from TeamAU who were invited to hold a panel-style Q&A session about overclocking on stage. Some of the questions that get asked are pretty interesting, as are the answers given by Dinos22, YoungPro and the gang. Click the image on the left to enjoy the video.

TeamAU along with Massman from HWBOT were invited to attend PAX Australia 2016 to give a presentation and overclocking demo live onstage at the Wombat Theatre. A few hundred local gamers turned up for the presentation (which you can catch here), followed by a live demo where an AMD FX CPU was pushed past the 8GHz barrier – just to show attendees how it gets done in the world competitive, extreme overclocking.

After the demo the guys were invited to stay on stage and answer questions from the audience, many of whom had clearly not ventured too far down the OC rabbit hole. Dinos22 in typical style fielded several of the questions, one of which involved him explaining to the audience how it’s not always necessary to spend a great deal of cash on hardware to be competitive. Dino explained how in fact he started overclocking on quite affordable AMD CPUs. Other questions involve LN2 and the apparent, or not so apparent dangers of using the substance to cool key components. There were also questions about how many CPUs have they killed. Dinos response was that actually today’s Intel processors are pretty hard to kill.

The panel discussion at PAX makes for a pretty interesting watch – one where the minds of gamers and overlockers truly collide. Check it out here on the HWBOT YouTube Channel.

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