Team AU Take Core i7 6950X CPU Frequency Hardware 1st Place at PAX Australia

Yesterday we noted how Team AU were invited to take part in a presentation and discussion panel at the PAX Australia 2016 gaming event in Melbourne a week or so ago. While they were there you’ll probably not be surprised to learn that they also got down to some live extreme overlocking during the show where they also managed to break the CPU frequency record for a Core i7 6950X processor.

Team AU members YoungPro and zeropluszero, also known as James and Matt, were key figures at the Intel / SteelSeries booth at PAX Australia 2016. The mission was to show the gathering crowd of gamers and enthusiasts what extreme overclocking is all about and I think it’s fair to say that the boys didn’t disappoint. Armed with plenty of LN2 they managed to push a Core i7 6950X chip to a new high frequency of 5,744.95MHz, a whopping +91.50%beyond stock settings. The score creeps ahead of the previous highest frequency of 5,731.78MHz held by Sweden’s elmor.

The great thing about breaking records at a show is that once in a while the media are on hand the event and document it for you, which is why it’s great to see Aussie Tech Vlogger Blunty published this video in which he not only has some great footage of the live OC session at the booth, but also a running commentary.

You can check out the submission from zeroplszero here as well as the video from Blunty which available here on the Blunty YouTube channel.

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