[PAX Australia 2016] – The Presentation: Pushing Limits - Going Beyond 8GHz

Having just published the video of Pieter demoing an 8GHz overclock at PAX Australia 2016, we’d thought we’d follow up with a look at the actual presentation that was given at the event. The PowerPoint presentation has just been uploaded to our Slideshare account and can be viewed (left), downloaded and even liked.

The presentation was given at the Wombat Theatre during PAX Australia to hungry crowd of a few hundred Aussie gamers. The presentation makes an really solid introduction to the world of overlocking, including the more extreme variants that involve using LN2. It kicks off with a pretty straight forward look at the current world record for the highest ever CPU clock, a kind of arbitrary benchmark for sure, but one which easy for newcomers to grasp.

The presentation then moves forward with a basic overview of what overclocking actually is, explaining the motives behind it (higher performance, sheer kudos) and the extreme lengths that some overclockers will go to get a winning score. Then we have an overview of how CPU frequency World Records have progressed in since the turn of the millennium, moving from 1,613MHz back in 2000, to the 8.794GHz World Record we have today. Other topics touched on include CPU binning, man vs machine, the importance of component insulation and BIOS configurations.

You can check out a video of the 8GHz demo that proceeded the presentation here. You can also find the full presentation here on SlideShare.com.

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