HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals: OC-TV Announce Live Stream Schedule

It’s only a few weeks until we arrive at what can only be described as the pinnacle of overlocking for the year 2016. Yes, I’m talking about the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals that will take place on December 4th in Berlin Germany. All but one of the contestants have been lined up to face each other in a bid to find out who will become Overclocking World Champion of 2016, surely the most prestigious title anyone could hope to carry.

The good news today is that OverClocking-TV have just revealed their live stream schedule for the contest, meaning no matter where you are, you won’t miss a thing. In a nut shell, you will be able to enjoy some insightful and entertaining commentary from Trouffman and Buildzoid who will be covering the contest at each and every turn.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • - Overclocker Preparation: from 8:30am until 9:30am
  • - Qualifiers: from 10am until 1pm
  • - Final matches: from 2pm until 6:30pm
  • - Award ceremony:from 6:30pm until 7pm

All times are local German times (GMT+1) and can be converted to your local time zone via this link.

You can learn more about the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Final here, as well as more information about the live stream from OverClocking-TV here.

You can also follow the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel ahead of time and get notified when they go live.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Should be a live stream well worth tuning in for....

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Please rebook my flight ticket :D

Canada marc0053 says:

Same here please I'm booked to leave at 1pm on Dec 5 back to Canada....hehe

Antarctica Trouffman says:

There is a typo int he news :)
"On December 4th 2016, HWBOT will be hosting the finals"

The final is on Sunday, Everyonw have flight leaving on the 5th ( mine included ) defiently a typo on both the news and the page.

Belgium Massman says:

Fixed guys

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