Wizerty (France) Wins RealBench Challenge III, Plus Prize Draw Winners

The third edition of the RealBench Challenge contest on OC-ESPORTS came to its conclusion just a few days ago. Once again France’s No.1 overclocker Wizerty managed to make the highest score and take top spot on the table - this means that he has actually won all three Challenges in the series so far. Wizerty tops the table with a score of 124,978 points, fending off some close attention from The Baron from Finland on 122,377 points, and gubben from Sweden on 121,377 points.

First, let’s quickly recap the overall concept of the contest and the specific rules that were applied in Challenge III. The RealBench Challenge is all about benching on the ASUS-developed RealBench app. The contest ran from October 28th to November 7th and was open to HWBOT members from all leagues. However, to make the contest more attractive to less experienced overclockers, cooling throughout the contest is limited to ambient only (CPU temperatures at 20°C or above). For added drama (and to discourage sandbagging) an additional +1 point was awarded to the top ten places on November 1st, one week before the end of the contest.

Each of the four RealBench Challenge contests use slightly different rules, just to keep things nice and edgy. The contest rules for Challenge III allowed any non-socket 2011-3 CPU to be used, however CPUs were limited to a maximum of two cores. CPUs with more than two cores were permitted (note: screenshots including HWMonitor were required to show the number of cores and their relative temperatures).

Catch the full article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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