[HWBOT X] Overclocking School in Mollerussa, Spain

Attempts to nurture the Spanish overclocking community continue again this weekend as a HWBOT X event gets underway in the Catalonia region of Northern Spain. The HWBOT X Mollerussa Overclocking School will be hosted once again by Spain’s ChentinoX who will give a full presentation that introduces the topic of Overclocking including the technical aspects like how to use the BIOS to the configure the system and how to improve cooling and add voltage to increase performance.

This will be the third HWBOT X event of the year, following previous events organized by ChentinoX in Valencia and Bilbao. ChentinoX, also known as Vincente has been very active this year in promoting Overclocking to students and young people who are interested in computers. This time in the OC Workshop will be held at the Mollerussa LAN PARTY in Lleida in the Catalonia region of Spain, one of the region’s biggest LAN parties.

The event is happening thanks to sponsors GIGABYTE, Antec and HWBOT and will start on Saturday November 12th at midday. The first two hours will involve digesting the theoretical side of Overclocking, followed three hours where attendees get to try it themselves using a basic setup and the XTU benchmark. Finals and Semi-Finals will be held in the evening with prizes for the winners. The idea is to give total newcomers a chance to learn then compete with others, to really appreciate the competitive, fun nature of the game. There will also be sub-zero demonstrations involving LN2.

You can learn more details about the event here on the HWBOT X listings page. . If you have any questions you can contact ChentinoX directly here.There will also be a live stream of the event which can be found on the ChentinoX Twitch feed here.

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