'Community Projects' Page Added to Open Benchtable Site

Last week shared a video where OBT project leader Xyala created some replica mounting brackets for the Open Benchtable using nothing more than a 3D printer and a little help from the community. Indeed the files needed to create the brackets were made by HWBOT member PureBlizz. Another community member, Jaffers has also come up with a design for an ATX to SFX adapter that basically allows SFX form factor power supplies to be used by the Open Benchtable. Cool stuff.

What’s crucial however with all of these OBT-related projects is that they were developed by people who are enthusiastic about the OBT project. People who are keen to share and collaborate to develop accessories and tools that make the project much more interesting. It is for this reason that the OBT website has now integrated a specific area of the site to host community developed accessory projects. Welcome to the Community Projects page.

Each project listed on the Community Projects page includes four key things; the name of the author or project leader, a description of the project, the license involved, a link to support forum and the supporting files needed to get involved. Community Project pages for both the replica brackets and the SFX adapter have now been added to the site. This means that anyone who want to try and 3D-print brackets or the SFX adapter are free to go ahead and give it a try. They are also free to build-upon and improve the design (as long as it conforms to the terms of license).

Since its inception, the Open Benchtable Project has been Open Source in nature. Being open allows OBT owners and creatives to unleash any ideas they have, feed them back to the community to hopefully create an endless cycle of improvement. Visit the Open Benchtable Community page here and check out the first two projects that are currently underway.

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