[OC Guide] Non-K Overclocking with ASRock B150M Pro4-Hyper

It’s reassuring to come across an amateur user who is enjoying overclocking so much that they decide to share their experiences online. Which is why it is great to come across this introductory video from a YouTuber known as Rs2007GOD. He shows you step by step how to Overclock a non- K CPU using a ASRock B150M Pro4/Hyper motherboard.

The video will probably not be of too much interest to seasoned or extreme overclockers, but to the average Rookie or Novice overclocker, it could be pure gold. It also reminds me of old school overclocking where technical knowledge and a bit of patience can end up meaning a free performance upgrade on a budget. Indeed Non-K overclocking remains an area of interest for many, not least because of the potential to tweak and push cheaper hardware. Regarding experiences pushing an Core i3 6100 to 4.6GHz (+22%) Rs2007GOD has this to say:

“Am surprised with how well the i3 performs compared to the 6700k. In most games i hardly notice a difference. Much much higher average than my previous Phenom II x4 940. In really CPU bound games like City Skylines there is a massive drop compared to the 6700k as the extra core/threads really help. One thing to note is when overclocking,Ii could only get a stable 4.6ghz by pushing the CPU to a 1.52vcore which is the limit of the Asrock board. So sadly I will not be able to get any higher but 1.52v is already waaay more voltage than anyone realistically should push through the core.”

You can catch the OC Guide video from Rs2007GOD here on his YouTube channel. Nice work.

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