GIGABYTE to Sell Motherboards and Graphics Cards Under the Aorus Gaming Brand

News is circling that suggest that GIGABYTE are poised to alter the way they currently sell their motherboards and graphics cards. According to the DigiTimes the company will begin selling boards and cards using their subsidiary Aorus brand staring from January of next year. The Aorus brand was originally launched several years ago, retailing a series of high-end ‘Gaming’ notebook PCs and related peripherals. It seems that GIGABYTE is keen to leverage the Aorus brand to appeal to PC gamers in a similar way that its rivals have done in recent years. According to Monica Chen of the DigiTimes:

“Gigabyte Technology is planning to release motherboards and graphics cards under its independent gaming brand Aorus. Existing Aorus-branded products include gaming notebooks, mice, keyboards and peripherals, and Gigabyte is looking to strengthen the gaming brand to compete against its competitors such as Asustek Computer's Republic of Gamers (ROG) and Micro-Star International's (MSI) Gaming series.”

“Gigabyte will begin selling Aorus branded motherboards in early January 2017, starting with Intel's new 200-series chipsets, while graphics cards will need to wait until AMD and Nvidia release new high-end GPUs.”

It will interesting to see if GIGABYTE dedicate all of their marketing resources to its Aorus brand. GIGABYTE usually sell a broad range of product with each series launch, so it’s most likely they will keep their Ultra Durable messaging on mainstream and entry-level models, reserving the Aorus moniker for its high-end gaming boards. Let’s just hope the keep the OC boards coming.

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