The OC Show – S03E13: MacBook Pro, HWBOT Country Cup and EVGA VRM Issues

OverClocking-TV are back, returning to our display screen with the latest version of the OC Show. Episode 13 of Season 3 as usual covers a ton major issues that will be of interest to overclockers and the broader PC enthusiast audience.

The show kicks off with a guest MrTechQC who treats us to a review of the latest Apple MacBook Pro. Aside from the lack of USB-type A ports, the addition of an OLED touch screen and its thinner body, the main talking point is the apparent lack of concern for the choice of Skylake mobile processors as opposed to the new Kaby Lake parts which just came on to market. The lack of an SD card reader however proves to be a major bone of contention. As a retort of sorts Trouffman also makes his Editor’s Pick by introducing the new Microsoft Surface Studio. Similar to a very larger mounted tablet, the Surface Studio is a slim-line all-in-one that retails for around $3,000 USD.

Tim also regales us with his latest exploits in 3D printing, making himself some replacement brackets for the Open Benchtable. Despite misgivings from Buildzoid who questions the ability of 3D printed components in terms of material strength - turns out the 3D printing can be implemented with maximum strength in mind. He also updates us on the progress on the OBT site in terms of sharing data files.

Tim also updates regarding contests on the OC-ESPORTS portal which includes the Country Cup which just started a week or so ago (and has Trouffman clearly very excited), plus the ROG OC Showdown Formula Series and both Intel and AMD Rookie Rumble contests.

Perhaps the more meatier topic in this episode involves the recent news that EVGA have issues with some models of their GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti cards. Buildzoid explains that EVGA actually has problems with several of the of their Nvidia Pascal cards and that it basically comes down to a design oversight. He describes the issue from a technical point of view and points out that the company has now issued a BIOS update that helps eliminate the issue and are keeping to the same high quality RMA service as always. The discussion pans to ask if the media has really exaggerated the issues, or whether it helps raise awareness among users.

You can catch the OC Show S03-E13 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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