Nik Wins ASUS ROG CAMP 2016 Qualifier, Top Eight Head to Berlin

Last week we saw the conclusion of the ASUS ROG Camp qualification contest on OC-ESPORTS. The top eight on the leaderboard will now be invited to appear in the official ASUS ROG Camp in Berlin next month were they will spend two days learning everything there is know about extreme, sub-zero cooling. Let’s take a look at the scoring, submissions and the top eight overclockers who now also have an incredible chance to appear in the World Championship Finals and a shot becoming World Champion 2016.

ASUS ROG CAMP 2016 Qualifier - September 30th - October 31st

The ROG Camp 2016 is sponsored by ASUS, Der8auer ECC and Apacer and will be hosted in conjunction with HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS. The ROG Camp event will be held at Caseking in Berlin, Germany on December 2nd and 3rd with eight overclockers from the Apprentice, Enthusiast, Novice and Rookie leagues invited to learn the art of sub-zero Overclocking from respected German overclocker der8auer. Day 1 will be all about learning the dark arts of using LN2, while day two will be a day of competitive where an eventual winner will join the HWBOT World Series elite in the World Championship finals.

Qualification for the event took place on OC-ESPORTS with an online contest that was open to applicable overclockers from the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The contest ran from September 30th to the end of October and contested of five unique stages. However, Overclockers didn’t have to submit in all five stages, with the best scores from three stages counting towards a final score.

Catch the full round up article for the ROG Camp 2016 Qualifier here on OC-ESPORTS.

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