TeamAU Break 3DMark2001 SE World Record, Celebrate PAX Australia Gig

In celebration of TeamAU’s participation at PAX Australia earlier today, the guys have gone and broken the World Record score in the classic 3DMark 2001 SE benchmark. The all new World Record score for 3DMark2001 Se now stands at 206,204 marks, which is 2,048 marks ahead of the next best score in the rankings, currently held by Russian legend Smoke with 204,156 marks.

The new World Record score was made using a Skylake Core i7 6700k pushed to a tasty 6,700MHz (+67.50%), plus a GTX 980Ti card, both pushed under LN2. Other rig details include a G.SKILL Trident Z Kit DDR4 at clocked at 1,840MHz (CL12.0 18-18-31), all mounted on a (mythical) GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard powered by a Corsair Pro Series Gold 1,500 Watt PSU. The score earns TeamAU 1131.6 Global Points.

TeamAU notes that they score was submitted in celebration of several members and associates taking part in a presentation and discussion panel at Pax Australia in Melbourne earlier today:

“PAX 2016 celebrating our discussion panel premiere with a new 3DMARK01 world record with Dinos22, SniperOZ, Zeropluszero, fatboynososlim, Karma and Massman.”

You can check out the World Record score from TeamAU here. Plus the full rankings for 3dMark2001 SE here.

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