My Overclocking Life, Wizerty Chronicles his RealBench Challenge Wins

Jean Michel "Wizerty" Tisserand is France’s No.1 overclocker. He’s a vital member of the Klan-OC team and the president of the French Federation of Overclocking (FFOC).Wizerty is also an active member on HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS flying the flag for French overclocking in competitive contests when he can. His most recent competitive action was in the ROG RealBench Challenge series where he managed to claim the win in both Challenges I and II.

Crucially, Wizerty also took time to write a few articles for Tom’s Hardware’s France where he chronicles his experiences in the RealBench Challenge series. The article series is entitled ‘My Overclocking Life’ and is actually delivered in two parts, one for each of the RealBench Challenges. Episode 1 deals with the challenges of overclocking a Skylake Core i7 6700K and the different tweaks involved when trying squeeze that extra bit of performance from the chip. Wizerty outlines the his work at removing the HIS to replace the thermal paste with, liquid metal. By 1am he is closer to first place but the OpenGL test is dragging his score down, despite pushing the chip to 5.1GHz with the voltage already ramped up 1.58 V. This is where the tweaking comes in to play. By 3am had managed a score of 17,1823 points and a place at the top of the table.

In Episode 2 Wizerty covers all the issues he faced in Challenge II which was a little different from Challenge I however in that all CPUs were limited to 4,200MHz or lower. This restriction actually means that he opted for an Ivy Bridge E Core i7 4930K which he pushed to a nice 4,199MHz (+23.52%) to once again earn top spot, this time with a score of 17,1823 points. Sounds easy, but actually Episode II tells a very different tale where many problems were overcome and the utmost ingenuity was needed to make the win.

Make sure to check out Episodes I and II of My Overclocking Life , especially if you are interested to learn more about how an Elite overclocker approaches winning a contest. (Note: The articles are in French of course, but thanks to Google Translate that's not really a problem these days).

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