Most Valuable Submission of Week 44, 2016: Gold for Alex@ro (RO), Niuulh (FR) and Antome (IT)

In Week 44 of 2016, we received 4196 benchmark results from 943 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 58% of the active community. They were responsible for 32% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

During week 44 there was not so much action in the global categories. As we typically see in the weeks and months before a new product launch, there's a slowdown in benching. With Kaby Lake and Zen right around the corner. There are notable scores by Dhenzjhen and Marc0053 hitting the top-5 in global rankings, but the real gold is found in the Hardware Rankings. Alex@ro (RO) scores a golden cup in the Core i5 6600K XTU ranking with a monstreous 6540 MHz CPU. He leads over Bullant by 33 marks. Niuulh from France is also on a benching spree, hitting top spot in the GeForce 9600GT Aquamark ranking. The card is clocked at 1050/1145 MHz and combined with a 6400 MHz Core i7 6700K CPU gives a nice lead over second place Luumi. Last but not least we have Antome from Italy topping the leaderboard in the GeForce GTX 970 Unigine Heaven Xtreme preset. His card is clocked at 1760/2148 MHz. Congratulations to everyone who made the table this week!

The overclocking results submitted during Week 44 generated in total 80 World Record Points, 3921.7 Global Points, and 6519.5 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 11% for Elite, 36% for Extreme, 17% for Apprentice, 21% for Enthusiast, 5% for Novice, and 27% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 7% Extreme, 4% Apprentice, 18% Enthusiast, 11% Novice, and 58% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 44, 2016

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Slinky PC 199.6 pts Dhenzjhen 110.6 pts Alex@ro 50 pts
Extreme Darky 199.8 pts Marc0053 52.2 pts Niuulh 49.7 pts
Apprentice mllrkllr88 49.1 pts Antome 32.1 pts Antome 26.4 pts
Enthusiast Darkgregor 40.9 pts Isonzo 34.9 pts Wheelchair 24 pts
Novice Bigblock990 26.6 pts The Silver 12 pts Metalmachine46 19.5 pts
Rookie _StrAnger 42.2 pts SirTryAlot 41.9 pts Runesmite14 23.8 pts

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