Lucky_n00b Wins “Back to Legacy” at Technofest 2016

The overclocking competition “Back to Legacy” is one of the main events of the Technofest 2016, hosted mid-October 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The competition has different rules than your ordinary competition as you could only overclocking using the BCLK frequency. You can find more information on our HWBOT X event page. This event sponsored by Patriot brand memory.

For Overclocking “Back to Legacy”, the organization made new rules to make this competition become more interesting. Also, the rookie overclockers could feel how we struggled during the “old days” when it was only possible to overclocking using the FSB since the processor multiplier was locked. Overclockers had to bring their own hardware. Any Intel processor allowed from 2nd gen until 6th gen was allowed. Especially for the Rookie overclockers it was a challenge to figure out what to bring to get the best performance.

Even though Alva is 300Mhz slower than Benny’s Core i5 6400t, Alva wins because the right choice of Operating System. the right choices helped Alva surpass Benny much thanks to his competition experience and skills. The great overclocking capabilities of the Core i5 6400T were demonstrated as the processor exceeded 100% overclocking using simply an All-In-One water cooler.

Read the full event report at HWBOT X or in the HWBOT forum thread.


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