The Overclocker #39: Interview with Buildzoid, AMD Zen, OC-ESPORTS Rankings & More

The latest edition of The Overclocker magazine is now available via Joomag. For those of you in the dark, it’s a magazine dedicated all things OC. From hardware reviews, interviews with leading overclockers plus insight and comment regarding the PC hardware industry, The Overclocker is arguably the ultimate overclocking magazine.

Issue #39 covers a lot of ground and includes reviews of the latest GIGABYTE pascal series graphics cards, a look at the OC-ESPORTS rankings an article about AMD 480 LN2 overclocking and a look at the highly anticipated AMD Zen architecture CPUs. The issue kicks off with a great interview with Buildzoid, the guy behind the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel and a captain of the Reddit /r/overclocking team.

Here’s a sample of the Buildzoid interview: : “The name Actually Hardcore Overclocking is because there are so many sites that have overclocking in their name but as far as I’m concerned they don’t cover overclocking in-depth enough so I slapped the Actually in front of Hardcore Overclocking and went with that for my computer hardware blog where I covered overclocking as in depth as I could manage. Later on I tried to livestream my OC sessions and since I was archiving those to youtube I decided to start using the youtube channel for the their content as well.”

Regarding the GIGABYTE 100 series graphics cards: : For now, we are looking at a trio of three graphics cards from GIGABYTE. The new G1 GAMING line of GPUs which if the previous series is anything to go by, should be offering some of the highest levels of performance available to end users. As always, it’s a matter of designing a customized PCB based on the Founder’s Edition design. Configuring a custom BIOS/Firmware profile and finally wrapping it up in as capable a cooling heatsink complex as possible within the price bracket.

There’s also a look at the GIGABYTE Z170Z-X Ultra Gaming motherboard, a review of the G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz 32GB kit plus a look at the GIGABYTE P57K V6 notebook.

You can find The Overclocker issue #39 here at

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