Challenger Division 2016, Round 3 Roundup: Part 3 - Divisions VI and VII

Today we bring you the third and final installment of our Challenger Division round up series, taking a closer look at Divisions VI and VII on OC-ESPORTS. Division VI is all about overclocking ARM system-on-chip processors, an increasingly popular platform in overclocking circles as Android devices become ever more ubiquitous. Division VII however takes us back to 2008 when AMD’s Agena-based processors were a popular overclocking medium. Let’s take a look at all the scores and submissions of Round 3 of the Challenger Divisions, the most comprehensive overclocking series you ever encounter.

Kristjan.krusic (Slovenia) Wins Challenger Division VI: Any ARM / Android Device

Stage 1 of Division VI involves benchmarking your device using the in-house developed HWBOT Prime, an app that calculates a device’s ability to calculate primes-per-second. The winner is Alan_Alberino from Argentina, an overclocker in possession of a brand new Google Nexus 6P smartphone, a device that sports a rather powerful SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 810 (MSM8994 v2.1).

Clocked at stock settings with a core speed of 1,958MHz, Alan_Alberino managed a score of 4,923 pps. In second place sits India’s csunit37 with 4,678 pps using the same processor. In third place we have Emiliano B, also of Argentina with the same chip and a score of 4,391 pps. Clearly Alan_Alberino has a few tweaks up his sleeve.

Catch the full round up of Challenger Divisions VI and VII here on OC-EPSORTS.


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