Technofest 2016: A Legacy-Style Overclocking Contest in Jakarta Indonesia

Here’s some good news for overclockers in Indonesia. Overclocker Ekky Jengkol is helping to organize competitive OC event in Jarkarta, Indonesia this weekend. The event will be at the Technofest 2016 event Mengga Dua Mall in North Jakarta and will feature both AMD and Intel Overclocking over the next weekend of October 22nd and 23rd. The theme of the event is is legacy overclocking. Not that the contestants are limited to legacy hardware. Nope, it’s the actual rules and regulations that are ‘legacy’ in nature.

Indonesia is famous for its Overclocking history. If you’re a little surprised by that, you should check this article written and compiled by Massman on the recent HWBOT World Tour event in Jogjakarta a few months ago. The guys at Jagat Review for example have been promoting and organizing OC events for well over a decade. The interesting thing about this particular event however is that they are trying to recreate the same vibe as OC contests had in the ‘old days’ when overclocking was somewhat different from what it is today. Here’s a quote from the Technofest 2016 listing on HWBOT X:

“For Overclocking “Back to Legacy”, we made new rules to make this competition become more interesting, and rookie overclockers could feel “old days” which was at that time, can only overclock via FSB because multi was locked. Overclockers should bring their own hardware. Any Intel processor allowed from 2nd gen until 6th gen. So new rookie ocers must think what good combination they should bring into the arena.”

Here are the basics of the legacy style rules. Firstly the scoring system is based on percentage overclock with processor multipliers locked at default settings. This is eliminate any advantages that ‘K’ SKU processors might enjoy. Teams of two bring their own hardware with Intel platforms from Sandy Bridge and up, AMD limited to FM2, FM2 +, AM3 and AM3 +. Cooling is limited to custom water cooling (no sub-zero). The restrictions regarding brand is that overclockers must use memory from event sponsors Patriot. Intel overclocking will take place on the 22nd with AMD the focus on the 23rd.

The full and very detailed list of rules can be found here on HWBOT X. The concept of the contest is certainly quite interesting. An attempt to create a level playing field for all contestants, more like things used to be back in the day. If you are interesting in competing, you can sign up on this community Facebook page.

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