[Video] Der8auer’s Titan X Pascal Project: Part III – The Water Chiller

It’s been a few weeks but the wait is now finally over. German master overclocker der8auer has returned with the third installment of his Titan X Pascal project. In part we get down the deeper technical aspects involved with cooling his SLI Titan X rig. Roman in fact gives us a full run down of the gear used to in his custom chilled water cooling system, including a close look at the chiller itself.

Just to recap. Roman has put together a series of videos that explore virtually every aspect of Nvidia's top consumer Pascal graphics card from an overclocking perspective. Towards the end of the series we hope to see how multi-GPU configurations scale in gaming(yes, this guy has four Titan XP cards). We have already been treated to an overview of the card in Part I, a general look the card’s performance delta with some basic clock and voltage tweaks. Part II was all about prepping the card to unlock its power target and get it ready for integration within a custom water cooling system.

In Part III we are treated to detailed look at the water chiller which takes care of keeping the GPUs and the CPU at optimal temperatures. After a quick walk around the chiller itself Roman pulls off the lid to show us all the individual components that it contains including the Aquaero controller which provides control of the temperatures via an simple UI. There’s also a look at the noise levels produced. All in all, it’s not much louder than your average refrigerator. Interesting stuff.

Check out the video here on the der8auer YouTube channel.

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