Challenger Division 2016, Round 3 Roundup: Part 2 - Divisions IV and V

Welcome to the second part in our round up of the recently concluded Round 3 of the Challenger Divisions. The Challenger Division Series on OC-ESPORTS caters for the broadest possible range of overclocking tastes with seven Divisions each featuring five individual stages. While Divisions I, II and III are centered around Intel’s newest platforms (catch the full round up here), Divisions IV and V are an exclusively AMD affair. Today we can officially salute two overclockers who currently dominate the world of AMD platform overclocking - congrats to France’s Niuulh and the Ukraine’s SergeyR, winners of Divisions IV and V respectively. Let’s take a look at the scoring and submissions in some more detail.

In Stage 1 we find Ukrainian AMD master SergeyR at the top of the table. Winner of Round 2 of Division IV earlier this year, SergeyR proved his skills with an FX processor once again with a Pifast score that is way ahead of his nearest rival Niuulh. Sergey used an AMD FX-9590 chip clocked to a very impressive 7,885MHz (+67.77%) to complete a PiFast run in just 17sec 770ms. This is some way ahead of Niuulh with a run of 18sec 640ms made using a FX-9590 clocked at 7,529MHz (+60.19%). In this case it’s easy to see how more megahertz means more performance. Third place belongs Hungarian Johni5 with a run of 18sec 670ms.

Read the full and detailed round up of Divisions IV and V here on OC-ESPORTS.

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