Throwback Thursday: BBC Cover Overclocking at Campus Party Europe 2012

It’s that time of the week once again where we look back at a time in the past, for a fun reminder of how things used to be. Today we take you to October 28th 2012 when Massman and Der8auer attended the Campus Party EU in Berlin Germany to showcase the art of extreme, sub-zero overclocking. However the BBC were also in attendance at the event, sending reporter Leo Johnson to cover the new technologies being demoed. Leo caught up with Massman and Der8auer who of course introduced him to the concept of extreme overclocking.

Here’s a sample of what Massman wrote in the original New post back in 2012:

“Perhaps even more awesome than The Economist writing an article about how extremely odd overclockers are, is the Campus Party coverage of the BBC show 'One Square Mile'. Not only do we get a lot of airtime, we get featured twice! The first section is all about what overclocking is about and starts at 4:30. The almost one and a half minute segment ends with the, yes - let's say it, awesome "but can these guys overclock the European economy" and comes right before the interview with European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neeli Kroes. What can I say ... overclocking just more interesting, Neelie (wink).”

The full length video from the BBC can still be found here on the Campus Party YouTube channel. It’s interesting to see how the presenter manages to frame it all as hacking, as if overclockers are doing something risky or subverted. Like overclocking is a somehow rebellious or non-conformist pursuit. Overclockers are indeed odd, but not in the way that this guy thinks.

You can find the full article from back in October 28th 2012 here on HWBOT.

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