Interview Neo 'ShockG' Sibeko at rAge 2016 South Africa

The curtain has come down on last weekend’s rAge Expo event in Johannesburg South Africa. As well as being one of the world’s most important technology hubs with lots of competitive PC gaming and more, it was also a place where gamers and enthusiasts could learn about the art of overclocking. In fact Neo Sibeko, known on HWBOT as ShockG, was part of a team that was running the NAG OC Workshop, a stand during the show where any visitor can get some hands on overclocking experience for the very first time. In fact the person with the highest score at the end of the weekend even got to take home the system they used as prize.

Brendan Lotz, writing for was in a attendance at the show, and lucky for us managed to some quality time with Neo to ask him some questions about overclocking, what it is and how to get started. Here’s a sample from the interview with Neo at the show:

htxt: What made you want to explore overclocking?

Sibeko: Like most competitive overclockers I started out as a gamer and when new games came out I wasn’t able to play them. This makes you want to push your CPU to the limits so that you are able to play those games without having to spend money on a new CPU, RAM and graphics cards. That’s basically how I got into overclocking by just wanting to make the games I wanted to play run faster.

htxt: What would I need to start overclocking my PC?

Sibeko: I don’t recommend using the stock CPU cooler so you will probably need an all-in-one water cooling system like the Corsair Hydro series or the Coolermaster Seidon all-in-one water coolers. The reason you need this is because a stock air cooler is not good enough at getting rid of the heat that your CPU generates when its overclocked. If you want to overclock a CPU from 3.5GHz, for example, to 3.6GHz or 3.7GHz your stock cooler might be able to handle it.

Catch the full interview with Neo at rAge 2016 here on

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