BenchBros Takes Catzilla 1440p and 3Dmark Time Spy 1x GPU Global 1st Places

Here’s something that may have escaped your attention. A week or so ago Germany’s fifth fastest overclocker Benchbros went on a rampage of sorts, making nine 3D benchmark submissions in the space of a single day. While some of the those submissions have since been beaten, two of them remain Global 1st Places; 3DMark Time Spy and Catzilla 1440p. In these two benchmarks Benchbros reigns supreme when it comes to benching with a single GPU.

The rig used to crack both of these 1st Place rankings was basically configured identically in both cases. It’s based around an Intel Core i7 6950X 'Broadwell-E' chip that has been pushed to 5,200MHz on LN2, a whopping +73.33% beyond stock. The rig not surprisingly also features a Titan X Pascal card with its GPU clocked at 2,350MHz (+65%) and graphics memory set at 1,450 (+16%).

The new fastest record for a single GPU rig running Catzilla 1440p is 28,085 marks, beating the next fastest by Swiss overclocker raccoon by 171 marks. The fastest run in 3DMark Time Spy with a single GPU now stands at 13,069 marks, a score that beats jpmboy from the US with 11,851 marks.

You can check out the 1x GPU rankings for 3Dmark Time Spy here, as well as the single GPU rankings for Catzilla 1440p here. Nice work Benchbros!

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