Griff (Italy) Hits +100% Reference Clock on Intel 875P

We spend most of our time and energy on HWBOT pouring over the latest benchmark submissions made with the latest and greatest hardware that money can buy. It’s doubtless the result of our natural urge to appreciate and enjoy the progress of humanity as it searches for ever improving levels of computational performance. But not all of us on HWBOT are living in the now. There are overclockers out there that have dug so deep down into a particular technology rabbit hole that the search for a winning score becomes a lifelong quest.

Such is the case with Italian overlocker Griff who has managed to finally take down the highest reference clock for the Intel 875P chipset with a clock of 404.1MHz (+100%). This beats the previous best from legendary overclocker Hipro5 from Greece who set the record at 400.7MHz way back in February 2004. Yes, that’s right. We have a new highest reference clock, the best for over 12 years.

Griff used an Intel Celeron 3500MHz,a single core, single threaded Northwood based CPU, which using a multiplier of x12 he managed to push to 4849.14MHz thanks to an FSB or reference clock speed of 404MHz. The work was done using an ASUS P4C800 board, which I’m thinking at this stage has had a pretty hard (if venerable) life.

Congrats and kudos to Griff. You can check out the submission from Griff here on HWBOT.

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