[HWBOT X] Masterbitz Holds 2nd OC Workshop in Honduras

July of 2016 saw the first ever overclocking workshop take place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Held at the UNITEC Technology University, students were invited to learn all about overlocking with local OC legend Masterbitz giving a full presentation and demo to enlighten the young minds of Honduras regarding the darker arts of overclocking. Last Friday Masterbitz gave another presentation, this time to larger audience of students and teachers at the University of San Pedro Sula (USAP).

Here’s a sample from a blog post from HWBOT X which covered the event:

”David Martinez is the No.1 overclocker in Honduras and is known to HWBOT members by his nickname masterbitz. David managed to get sponsorship from KLEVV, Gelid Solutions, Noctua and Silverstone to help put together a seminar of sorts where he basically gave a presentation that describes what overclocking is all about in strictly layman’s terms.”

“The presentation covered a lot of ground, firstly going through each of a PC’s components to help visitors better understand the fundamentals of how computers work. He explained not only the functions of each component but also relationship they share with each other and how they connect with each other.”

You can read the full blog post here on HWBOT X.

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