Throwback Thursday: BBC Interviews BenchTec UK

This week we take you back to October 2009, to day when the BBC actually did a news piece all about extreme overclocking. Reporter Ellie Gibson went to visit the UK overclockers that make up BenchTec UK, arguably the UK’s elite overlocking squad back in 2009. The interview takes place in a barn where several overclockers are plough their way through a lot of LN2 in an attempt to hit new record scores.

Ellie chats to Barrie Wynd (known on HWBOT as Bazx) and Paul Watkinson (Sacha35) at length about what this thing called ‘overclocking’ is all about.

“Mr Watkinson has been experimenting with different ways to cool overclocked chips for years. He has, he told BBC News, worked his way up the ladder of different cooling methods.

"We all start at the bottom," he said. "We experiment with air cooling then go to water cooling and then coupled water cooling." Mr Watkinson was lucky enough to have some old beer chillers hanging around so he used those to help cool the water for his chips. He found that when he removed the thermostat the temperature of the chip dropped to about -15°C.”

”From there he has progressed to more exotic refrigerants. Probably the most exotic he has used is liquid nitrogen which can cool a chip to -197°C. "This is for extreme enthusiasts," said Mr Watkinson. "Us guys who do this have a passion for it”.

Catch the full article from the BBC here, as well as the original video which can still be found today thanks to UK Elite overclocker Borandi and his YouTube site.

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