MSI to Host Tweaking Workshop at rAge Expo in Johannesburg, S.A.

NAG rAge Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa is just days away, representing one of the biggest PC gaming events on the continent, attracting gamers, PC enthusiasts and technology geeks in their thousands. Running throughout the weekend, this year’s rAge Expo will also be a place where less experienced geeks can learn how to build their own PC and then get schooled in the art of performance tweaking. That’s thanks to the efforts of MSI’s Pepinorang and Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts who will be attendance at the show hosting the ‘MSI Gaming Workshop’.

The ‘MSI Gaming Workshop’ is aimed at giving gamers and enthusiasts in attendance a taste of what it means to build and optimize your own PC. The workshop will be run by the two overclockers Pepi and Andrew, with Pepi taking PC DIY 101 lessons and Andrew teaching the pupils how to teak and get the maximum performance from the system.

The event is completely free to all rAge Expo 2016 attendees and is open to people of all abilities. Never built a PC before? Don’t worry. The guys will show you how. The event of course is sponsored by MSI who have also been kind enough to supply some prizes including a very tasty looking gaming rig with some solid MSI Gaming products. The main motive behind the workshop is to spread the word of DIY PC building and of course, overclocking.

To learn more about the ‘MSI Gaming Workshop’, visit the event listing here on the HWBOT X website.

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