RebelTech Hosting Monthly LN2 Overclocking Workshops in Johannesburg, S.A.

Here’s some good news for South African overclockers in the Johannesburg area – tech retailer RebelTech will be hosting open overclocking workshops where novices can get some experience and tutelage about the basics of overclocking and the skills needed to get started with liquid nitrogen. The workshops will be hosted by Elite South African overclocker Jonathan "Oj0" Horne, and will be held every second Wednesday of the month at 6pm in the Fourways area of Jo’burg.

“Rebeltech will be hosting an open Overclocking Workshop that will be catering for all levels of skill. From novice to experienced, Rebeltech are offering PC enthusiasts the ability to master their craft, or simply learn the basics of overclocking. From air and water cooling all the way to dabbling in the dark insulated arts of LN2 overclocking.”

“First off, people wont be thrown into the Liquid Nitrogen deep end. The workshops will progress from demoing air-cooled overclocking, reaching those limits, and then seeing what difference adding a bit of LN2 can do for pushing hardware further. LN2 overclocking is not simply pouring freezing liquid onto silicon, but involves special techniques and tricks to manage the by-product of trying to reach Kelvin—condensation. So, the art of insulating your components will also be taught, something not many locals have much experience with, so it’s a great opportunity to learn.”

You can find more details about these workshops here at

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